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Employing Broker/Owner
Adam is a natural born leader. When interacting with him you feel like you are in good hands as Adam has the, there is no point in doing a job if you are not going to do it right, type of attitude. This drive has forged its way into his business making him conversant in all things Real Estate. Adams... Read More
Managing Broker/Owner
Mary is a Morgan County native who is well known within the community. Growing up locally in the farm and ranch industry gives her insight into what properties will best meet your needs. Whether you are searching for vacant land, ready to dig your hands into the soil of a farm, desire a ranch of you... Read More
Broker Associate
Stacey has always had a passion for Real Estate. Having a brother who held a Real Estate license fed the spark of interest she already had in the business, but it wasn’t until her journey through auctioneering that she found her true purpose in Real Estate. Stacey already having a Personal Appra... Read More