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Adam Walter

Adam Walter
Employing Broker/Owner

Adam is a natural born leader. When interacting with him you feel like you are in good hands as Adam has the, there is no point in doing a job if you are not going to do it right, type of attitude. This drive has forged its way into his business making him conversant in all things Real Estate. Adams determination is what makes him an outstanding Realtor as he will fight tooth and nail to sell your property or get you the property of your dreams.
Working round the clock for his clients, being the employing broker for Cornerstone Brokers, and juggling his family is a challenge that Adam takes head on. He always manages to find a way to fit it all into his schedule making sure nobody is left behind. Every client that Adam works with is a priority as he ensures there is enough time in his day to meet their needs.
Adam always had big dreams for his life. Initially he had dreamed of working for the FBI doing forensics and investigating crimes, but that vision changed when he worked on a project building an oil gathering system pipeline. During his time working on the pipeline system he recognized the value in business and economics. Adam enrolled at the University of Northern Colorado to pursue his new found passion. Adam met his wife Mary while enrolled at the university and it was nothing less than destiny. Mary was in real estate and Adam learned that he could apply his love for business into real estate. Adam and Mary became the ultimate Realtor power couple leading them to opening Cornerstone Brokers, LLC.
Adam has been a Realtor sense May of 2008 forging a path within our community. He has taught other Realtors the ins and outs of all things real estate, with hard work and determination he has expanded his business to two locations, and he has helped hundreds of clients to find the home of their dreams! Within the Cornerstone office he has been dubbed the fearless leader and there is no question as to why!