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Hey Sellers!

Let’s face it the biggest question most sellers have is “how much is my property worth” and rightfully so. After all you spend time, blood, sweat, and tears to make your house a home and when it comes time to sell you want that highly anticipated return on your investment. I saw a funny social media post the other day that showed an image of a mansion, an average home, and a shack with the caption of what “sellers see, what buyers see, and what the appraiser see”. It made me chuckle to myself as I thought “yup that’s about right”. So how much is your property worth? Welp it is our job at Cornerstone to research the latest data and provide you with an accurate price suggestion, the key word here is “suggestion”. Based off our experience and collected data we will give you a suggested price and marketing strategy, but ultimately we work for you. Sitting down to discuss what your needs are and coming up with a plan of action that your are comfortable with is important because we understand how personal this is for every seller. You’re the driver we’re just here to make sure the road to sold is as smooth as possible!
The hardest part when selling is finding a buyer that sees your property as the “mansion” it is in your eyes. This is where the right marketing can go a long way, and by marketing we don’t mean slapping a yard sign in the ground and calling it a day. We use the latest technologies for innovative marketing mixed in with old school tried and true methods to capture the largest network of potential buyers. Some of the marketing tools we use are the Matterport 3D mapping system (We’re proud to say we are one of the only real estate companies in Morgan County to use this system. I’ll explain later in this article what Matterport is and how it benefits you.), multiple MLS platforms, social media ads directly featuring your property, customized flyers, aerial photography, window displays, and more!
I told you I’d tell you more about Matterport right? Well here it is. In short Matterport is a system that allows buyers to tour your home without actually ever stepping foot into your home! This is made possible by creating a 3D map of your home were buyers can virtually walk through your home any time day or night and as many times as they’d like, and no they can not see you getting out of the shower or lounging on the couch, there is no live feed so you can still live your life to the fullest (even if living your life to the fullest means sweatpants and a bottle of wine while you binge watch Yellowstone). The ability to tour a home using this technology is a game changer by casting a large net into the buyers market! Buyers who are relocating, have odd working hours, are cautious due to COVID, etc, can now tour your property on their own time and get a real feel for what the property is actually like. Awesome right!? Well that isn’t all that Matterport does. It also give us the ability to take professional grade wide lense photos, create a doll house view, and generate eye catching video clips used in ads and as teasers to get buyers interested in your property! Overall Matterport is a marketing tool that truly sets us apart from other brokerages!
So to all our sellers out there we want you to know that we will do our homework, really listen to your needs, market your property, and work tirelessly to get your home sold!