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Strength in Change

When the fine folks in our community look upon either of our brick buildings they may say “there’s Gateway ” or past clients my smile fondly when reminiscing about purchasing a home through Gateway, but with independence in mind it was time to close the gates to Gateway Realty Colorado and open the doors to Cornerstone Brokers, LLC. Even though the name has changed, Cornerstone Brokers still has the same owners, Adam and Mary Walter, along with their team of Brokers that you can trust.

Why the Change

To understand fully why the change in the name we need to look into the past. Mary began her journey at Gateway Realty in 2005 with her husband Adam joining her in 2008. Mary and Adam’s reputations quickly grew for being driven, knowledgeable, and trustworthy Realtors. It came as no surprise when Mary and Adam Purchased a franchise branch of Gateway Realty in 2012. They continued to push ahead in the business building a strong foundation for other Brokers to stand upon, but they were limited in pursuing their ultimate business goals due to being owners within a franchise. It was a leap of faith to branch away from Gateway and change the name to Cornerstone Brokers, LLC, but with this liberation, Cornerstone is thriving as an independently owned company.

 Fear to Freedom

With the change in the name there was a sense of pride, strength, freedom, but also fear; that comes along with any new venture. The cornerstone was something unknown and with the uncertainty of how the community would respond to the transition it brought on a sense of unease. Now that the year is coming to an end it can be said with confidence that there was no need for the anxieties felt because Cornerstone Brokers is thriving and stronger than ever!

Welcome Home

There’s the old saying that a house is just a house until you fill it with love and then it becomes a home. That sentiment is felt within the walls of the Cornerstone buildings. The transition from Gateway to Cornerstone has turned the house into a home. The sense of peace when walking into our locations or the positivity felt when calling puts your mind at ease because it is that feeling of trust knowing you are exactly where you are supposed to be.